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Just want to train at Bootcamp? Our Bootcamp memberships offers access to any Bootcamp session/s throughout the month. Credits reset each month.

  • 4 sessions - £35
  • 8 sessions - £58
  • 12 sessions - £75

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Credits only bookable at Bootcamp sessions.

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Want to see great results? Join bootcamp

With every training service that we offer our biggest priority is your experience. Bootcamp ticks all the boxes in our opinion. We have been able to create a non intimidating environment and all the staff work exceptionally hard to make sure everyone is made to feel welcome and confident. The beauty of bootcamp is the way the sessions are designed, they allow everyone to train side by side regardless of previous training experience or personal goals. It really is the session for everyone. Our team of trainers work diligently to make sure you are doing everything in a safe and effective manor and they make sure they spend time with everyone, which makes it feel like a huge personal training session for everyone.

While the sessions may look daunting from the outside, they are as hard as you make them, it doesn't matter if you're not running the fastest or doing as many push ups as those around you, all we ask is that you give it everything you have.

Now it would be easy to bore you with the science behind why bootcamp is so effective and why it has produced the results it has for people, instead consider why traditional cardiovascular training for fat loss is so limited and unsustainable. The problem lies in the bodies adaptive capabilities. The stress put on the body through jogging is minimal and the body is able to adapt to it quickly. The more you do, the more effective you become, using just small amounts of energy and taking your muscles through the exact same movement pattern over and over again. Compare this to bootcamp, where you will train all muscle groups, across multiple planes, using numerous energy systems. There is quite simply no opportunity for adapting to the stress and as a result the fat burning, metabolism boosting impact is immense and ongoing.

Bootcamp Biggleswade

Session Times

  •   Monday 6-7pm & 7-8pm
  •   Tuesday 6.30pm - 7.30pm
  •   Wednesday 6-7pm & 7-8pm
  •   Thursday 6.30-7.30pm
  •   Saturday 8-9am

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